Welcome to Naneri Fairyland
Welcome to Naneri Fairyland
Welcome to Naneri Fairyland

Sample Sale

Hello, lovelies!

We hope all of you are keeping safe! During this current situation that we are all in together, we have come up with a very special offer to serve you better. We have decided to release all our “sample” pieces on sale.

Naneri’s online sample sale is convenient as well as a fun method to find something very special at a very good price without ever leaving your home.

Now if you were thinking why are these items priced so affordable! Here’s an inside secret. At the designer ateliers or any other workshops, for every dress designed, there is a sample made. These samples are not sent to any of our retail stores but retained with us. Which may be used further for a repeat design or due to some other issues like unavailability of material, embellishments, or in some cases of being too costly to proceed for production.

The biggest advantage of Naneri’s online sample sales is that it is offering you designer clothes at a discount, ranging from 60% to 90% off the retail price! This is probably one of the reasons why most of our stock is selling out so fast. 

The disadvantage is that we have only one style per design and only one size of each design, so if your stars are shining bright, you might find the perfect size for your little one.

You can shop for these dresses on our website or connect with us on WhatsApp +971 50 387 4172 or Email info@naneri.com to place your order! 


Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naneri_fairyland//

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Much love and stay safe!!!!





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